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APM RL-2000
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APM RL-2000

Price: $2,420.00

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APM RL-2000

The ECHO-APM RL-2000 delivers accurate measurement of bulk solids and powdersregardless of material type, product characteristics, storage silo type, size, bin or container, and harshness of the storage environment. It incorporates unique dust-penetrating technology to achieve a degree of process measurement and inventory control that most can only dream of.

The ECHO-APM RL-2000 includes an array of three antennas that generate low frequency acoustic signals and receives echo signals from the contents of the silo, bin, or other container type. The Digital Signal Processor analyzes the signals and produces an accurate level, volume and mass of the stored contents.

The ECHO-APM RL-2000 then generates a 3D representation of the position and form of the material within the container for display on your computer screen.


Materials, non-wetted parts
Housing & Antenna Painted Aluminum Die Casting
Inspection window in housing: Polycarbonate

Weight - RL2000 5.6 Kg (12.35 lb)

Output Signal Active 4...20mA/HART/RS485/Modbus

Ambient & Process Temperature
Ambient, storage, transport 
and process temperature -40...85ºC (-40...+185ºF)

Process Conditions
Vessel Pressure -0.2...3 bar (-2.9...43.5 PSI)

Electromechanical data
Cable entry/plug 1 x M20x1.5 (cable 8...12mm), 1 x blind
stopper M20x1.5
Or 2 x cable entry 1/2" NPT

Display Panel
LCD 4 lines x 20 characters
Adjustment elements 4 keys

Power Supply - 4-wire instrument (Active) 4...20 mA / HART
Supply voltage 18...32 VDC
Power consumption max 1.5 W @ 24 VDC

Electrical protective measures
Protection IP67 according to IEC 60529

EMC - Emission EN 61326: 1997 (class B)
EMC - Susceptibility IEC/EN 61326:1997 + A1:1998 + A2:2001 +
NSR (73/23/EWG) EN 61010-1:2001
FCC- Conformity to part 15 of the FCC regulations
FCC 47 CFR part 15:2007, subpart B, class A

Measurement Characteristics
Measuring Range 70 m (230 ft)
Beam angle  15 degrees
Frequency 4.5 KHz
Reaction/Settling time <5 s (dependent on the parameter adjustment)