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GapSwitch 416X
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GapSwitch 416X

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The Ultrasonic Point Level System 416X Series is an ideal solution for detecting liquid in compact spaces.  With integrated electronics it is a direct replacement for Float Switches, Capacitance and Optical Detectors. The GS 416X detects liquid irrespective of change in density color, dielectric constant or viscosity. The GS 416X does not require calibration or periodic maintenance.  The sensor is constructed in 316 SS and is available in lengths of up to 99”. ECHO can provide the GS 416X in a variety of engineered plastics to obtain the ideal corrosion resistance in process vessels.
Repeatability : 2mm or better. 
Delay (on) : 0.5 seconds Standard. Options available.
Probe material : 316SS Standard. Optional Epoxy.  
Actuation point : 1.5” Standard. Up to 99” available. 
Sensor Temperature : -20 to 100°C  (-4 to 212°F)  
Sensor Pressure : 500 PSI, 316SS (100 PSI Epoxy).
Liquid viscosity : From 1 to 50,000 cps
Liquid specific gravity : From 0.5 to 1.5 sg
Process connection :  ½” & ¾” NPT Standard, Flanges available.
Electronics : Integral

Input : 9-30VDC (output 1) 12VDC, 24VDC (output 2)

Output 1. 4mA Dry -16mAWet (Loop Power)
                    NPN (100mA Sink)Isolated
                    PNP (100mA Source)Isolated

Output 2. 1 A SPDT (240VAC)

Cable: 1’ (5 wire Loop Power/Sink/Source). Optional length available. 
             1’ (6 wire SPDT Relay Version). Optional length available.

Connector: Optional, specify connector (consult factory).  

The GS 416X Series unit consists of two piezoelectric elements mounted between the forks where the presence and absence of liquid is detected. These elements convert electrical energy to mechanical energy in the form of ultrasonic signal detecting the presence of liquid.  The ultrasonic signal is attenuated with no liquid present and passes freely across the gap when liquid is present. The Solid State Closed Loop circuit detects the presence and absence of the ultrasonic signal.