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MAG HUNTER is a volume flow rate meter for conductive fluids in pipelines. It allows measurement of flow rates in both directions with high accuracy in a wide range of flow rates (0.3 - 40 ft/s). The advanced transmitter offers a wide variety of binary, frequency pulse, relay contacts, analog, digital inputs and outputs. Absence of moving parts and sophisticated dynamic noise filter algorithms ensure long-term accuracy and stability in the toughest liquid, slurry or mud flow applications. A main benefit of the MAG HUNTER transmitter is its versatility, from a basic blind unit to a fully functional LCD display and keypad unit with plenty of I/O plug-in modules. Thus, the customer only pays for the functionality required.

Sensors are obtainable in 4 versions:
     Sensor F = Flanged
     Sensor W = Wafer
     Sensor T = Threaded
     Sensor S = Sanitary

Sensor general specifications are from 3/8" to 48" diameter at 150lb or 300lb flange rating and temperatures up to 300ºF (150ºC). Depending on the measured liquid, we use sensor linings with soft rubber, hard rubber, special rubber or PTFE. Measured electrodes are manufactured from Stainless Steel AISI 316Ti, Hastelloy C-276 or Platinum. The transmitter can be itnergral or remote mounted up to 650 ft with special double sensor cable. The transmitter has a NEMA 6 (IP67) rating and the sensor is standard NEMA 6 (IP67) and optional NEMA 6P (IP68).

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AC Surge Protection

Price: $425.00

Technical Specifications - Transmitter