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RotoSwitch 300 Series - Rotary Paddle Level Switch
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RotoSwitch 300 Series - Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Price: $380.00

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Rotating Paddle Switch for Solids Applications.


The ECHO RotoSwitch 300 Series are a range of rotating paddle level switches for monitoring and controlling bulk solids level.  A synchronous motor rotates the paddle utilizing a magnetic drive.   As the material rises the paddle rotation is impeded from moving and the increased motor torque activates the relay switch and stops the motor.  A spring

Mechanism reactivates the motor and returns the switch to the normal rotating state.


The switch is weatherproof and includes a red LED status indication light.  The unit can be side or top mounted with the industry standard 1.25” Male NPT connection and mounting flanges.  The modular design allows field installations of any paddle, flanges, shaft extensions or shaft guards.


The magnetic drive isolates and seals the control head from the process to eliminate any material buildup.  The slip clutch design prevents damage to the motor or drive mechanism from sudden or excessive loading on the paddle.  The motor turns off with activation to increase motor life, prevent burnout and decrease power usage.  Flexible couplings are recommended for top mounted switches with shaft extensions to protect from side loads, surges or impacts.


Typical applications may be found in the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation, cement and other bulk solids industries.  It is suitable for most products including foodstuffs, plaster, cement, chalk, lime, granulates, wood chips, cereals, cocoa, sugar, powders and pellets.


  • Isolated Magnetic Drive
  • Flexible Coupling for Side or Surge Impacts
  • Material Densities from 5 to 200 lb/ft3
  • Motor Shuts-off to Increase Life
  • Slip Clutch to Protect Motor & Drive

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