Air Transducer – Ultrasonic Level Transducer

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ECHO’S newest product THE AIR TRANSDUCER is a smart ultrasonic level transmitter.  It has 5 modes of operation: level, distance, OCM flow (pending), volume and pump control.  It comes in 2 models, 3m (10 ft) and 10m (33 ft) ranges with 2 SPDT relays, 2 Modbus RTU RS-485 terminals and 1 4-20mA output.

Also, the transducer can be remote mounted from the electronics.  We offer the standard transducer, PVDF transducer, and FM Approved Explosion Proof transducer for remote mount applications.


Applications include liquid and solid level measurement up to 33 ft in range.  It will measure level, distance, volume and Open Channel flow (pending).  It has 2 relays for alarm and pump control.


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